Thursday, March 19, 2015

So...this is new.  I have been crafting for almost 2 years now, making cards, dabbling here and there in different techniques, tools, disasters.  I watch all of these great card makers, scrapbookers, watercolor painters and think WOW, she's really got it going on!  Their videos inspire me to make their projects. I faithfully buy the products they link to in their videos and I try my best to re-create their masterpieces and I stand back sometimes and go WOW...and other times, I stand back and go wow.  And then start cussing.  See, crafting is supposed to be a stress-reliever, and for the most part, it is.  But when you're first starting out, like me, it can be a royal pain.

So I thought I'd start this blog - for the rest of us.  The ones who don't yet have our craft crap together...and maybe we can learn something as we go along.

I can't promise I will post something every day.  I have a real job and a busy (read this as "lazy") life.  Some days I just want to rush home and pull out my crafts and start making stuff.  And then there are days when the only thing my craft desk sees is whatever I throw on it from the bed so I can lay down and lament.  :)  Don't tell me you don't go there too.

I'll start with a crafty post later tonight!  And no, I won't be starting with videos, first of all, I don't have a good camera, secondly, I don't have good lighting, and a fun fact : I talk like a 9 year old sailor.  So we'll stick to pics for the time being.  If I get some real following, I'll invest.  Then you can really laugh.

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